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Retreat Guest Reviews

I didn't feel like I needed to unwind, or re-boot myself.  I am generally fit and healthy, and happy in mind, body and spirit, so how come, when I came back, so many people said how well, and relaxed I looked?  Maybe I needed it after all. 


My choice of this retreat was based on how beautiful and UN-hippy it looked from the web-site and photographs.  It actually was more beautiful than I expected.  In fact, it was all, more than I expected and I enjoyed every single minute of it.


The team were wonderful and full of humor and good spirits.  I loved early-morning meditation hearing bees, birds, donkeys and goats.  Afterwards, we wrote, we drew, we all smiled and sat at peace in the shade.  We were brought mint tea with lime and coconut energy balls. 


Annie and Laura, our yoga teachers, gently coached us through the week so that we felt stronger, more balanced and more flexible after the five days. 


We ate wonderful vegetarian food- I am definitely reviewing all my diet and swapping in wild, natural and vegetarian choices.  I am so missing the afternoon tea with home-made healthy cake.


Although some hadn't picked up a crayon since school days, we all joined in the creative work-shops with enthusiasm and great results we were all proud of.  Our journals of the five days were full of thoughts, observations, drawings.  I will go back again and again to remember and remind myself of what a great time I had in this beautiful, happy, welcoming retreat.


I'm meditating now on my morning commute- with a smile.  I've not yet found a way of adding yoga into my day, but I hope I will soon.


Kate June 2018

A Yoga Retreat more beautiful than expectations

This retreat was all, more than I expected and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

Casa Vida retreat in Portugal was my first experience of a yoga retreat. I loved the whole encounter from start to finish. Everyone was so welcoming and even though I had no previous experience of doing yoga before, I was shown variations and explained how to adapt certain postures. As the sessions went on I gained confidence and could noticeably feel the difference in myself and the good it was doing.

Meditation was also new to me but is now something that I will be continuing as I found it very comforting and relaxing. It literally cleared my mind and was a lovely relaxing way to start the day.

Casa Vida is such a lovely calming environment with amazing scenery which made for a wonderful experience.

The food was amazing. Like eating five star! We all looked forward to each meal. A favourite were the energy balls which were great between sessions.

We journaled and did creative workshop's. I found a new passion for using my imagination and thoroughly enjoyed them. I haven't done anything artistic for many, many years so again it is now something I will enjoy doing further.

The whole experience was truly great, helped by such lovely people both on the retreat and in the team.

If you have ever considered doing anything like this for yourself, I would say go for it! It's helped me immensely.

Sue June 2018

My First Rereat Experience

I gained confidence and could noticeably feel the difference in myself and the good it was doing.

The five days of the retreat were wonderful. The daily structure kept us all focused and purposeful but with ample time to relax and digest what we had learned or to think about things we don’t usually have time for.

We wrote and drew in our journals (provided) and enjoyed each other’s company around the pool and in the garden - new friends!

From the moment we started morning meditation and yoga, through the practices and routines, including the energizing, cleansing food and the creative workshops all designed to build on our powers of self reflection, to the end of day yoga nidra, we felt nurtured and empowered to grow physically and mentally stronger.

I left the retreat feeling motivated, calmer and able to take on new challenges. I have a lovely journal full of colourful recordings guided by the art teachers (no drawing experience necessary at all) and my personal thoughts and feelings and a note of all the lovely things we ate are a perfect memento of a super five days.

Physically I have lost a little weight, my skin is brighter, I feel more energetic than usual and my toes seem to be much easier to reach! It has restarted me on regular yoga practice and quiet reflection time at home.

Mary June 2018

Wonderful Five Day Retreat

Feeling motivated, calmer and energised after my retreat experience.

Casa Vida Yoga Retreat in the lovely Algarve, Portugal has been an amazing and memorable experience. One that for sure will stick with me forever.

Experiencing yoga with amazing scenery… Doing beach yoga which was a first for me with the sand between my toes, hearing and watching the waves, experiencing art workshops, pushing boundaries drawing with my left hand or not looking at my paper as I free flowed my drawings were tasks that felt out of comfort to start but gradually felt quite natural as I completely forgot... Losing myself instead in to the moment.

Going on a yoga retreat is a means of escaping fully and being able to completely immerse yourself into a whole yourney of self discovery from the minute that you are there until you leave.


However it doesn't end there... When you leave... You take away so much more. I wouldn't even necessarily like to say that I found myself... I would say more that I fine-tuned back into myself... Found more of the ‘me’ that was always there.

Rebecca June 2018

A Memorable Yoga Retreat

Casa Vida Yoga Retreat in the lovely Algarve, Portugal

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