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My Menopause Journey

My initial transition into menopause was relatively straightforward, a fluctuating cycle for a short period and then my periods stopped. 

However as I came out of menopause my symptoms got worse. Hot flushes in particular were hell, making me feel embarrassed, under confident and very alone.

It was a solitary period with no one really to talk to about it.


I went to the GP and was told I was menopausal, contrary to what research was telling me that I was actually in post menopause.


At that time I was reluctant to take HRT and as an aromatherapist and massage practitioner. I looked to alternatives using essential oils, regular acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutritional supplements. 

I managed my physical symptoms reasonably well. But was completely in the dark about the effect menopause was having on my emotional wellbeing, like anger and mood swings, coupled with forgetfulness. I got so frustrated that I couldn’t remember people’s names, especially at work where I was nurturing and caring for clients. 


I had no idea that there were different menopause phases, that I’d come through perimenopause into the post phase - my second spring as they call it in Japan.


Initially my post menopause was a rocky journey trying to control difficult symptoms but as I gained more knowledge I was able to take charge and feel more in control. 


I changed my diet, cutting out red meat, dairy, wheat and fermented foods. Then introduced more nuts and seeds, soya, oats and increased my up take of oily fish, fruit and veg.

Exercise had always been a part of my life and I decided to take up outdoor running in my mid fifties alongside my love for yoga and meditation. 


These elements made a huge difference to my motivation, mood and performance. As a health and beauty spa owner I had to stay, strong, grounded and creative,

in order to manage my business successfully.


After my son died in 2014 I lost my mojo, sold my business and retreated for a while. My son had been a great sportsman and one of his ambitions was to run the marathon. Unfortunately it was not to be. I was encouraged by my family to enter the ballot. I did it as a bit of a joke, never dreaming that I would be accepted. 


In 2015 I ran the London Virgin marathon. It was one of the most powerful and rewarding days of my life. I did it for my son and raised £6,000 for Blood Cancer UK charity.

After this wonderful achievement I decided there was no limit to what I could achieve and went off to Ibiza to train as a yoga teacher. 


As I’ve moved further into my second spring I feel totally liberated, free and happy with who I am and what I do. At the beginning of this year I qualified as a Menopause Yoga Teacher.


My passion now is to help other women transition through their menopause with ease, showing them how wonderfully empowering life can be on the other side.


I have a wonderful family, supportive husband and grandchild. I feel so grateful for all the love and happiness they bring me. 


We laugh, we joke, we cry together but most of all we love with all our hearts and value with respect each other’s way of doing things. I wouldn’t change this for the world.

Join me and see how your jouney through midlife change can be more about thriving than striving....

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