Online Studio


Yoga And Meditation For The Soul 

"Yoga is for anyone and everyone, no matter what age or ability. 
All you have to do is turn up and be present in your space"

Welcome Yogis to my online Yoga studio,
I specialise in yoga classes for women who are either doing
too much, or transitioning through menopause, or feeling

stressed out, sluggish, sometimes foggy in the head
and in need of recapturing their youthful energy,
while living their life of hopes and dreams.

I give you the opportunity to practice
yoga and meditation in the comfort of your own home, 
in your own safe space at your own pace with no judgment.
Please take a look at my online class offerings below....

I look forward to meeting you on your mat...
Warm wishes, Annie x

Online zoom Yoga classes flow through a variety of styles,
suitable for beginners and all levels of practice.


Yin Yang Flow & Grow
Yin yang flow covers a fusion of calming restorative yin poses with the
more active yang postures. A seventy-five minute practice flows
through passive and dynamic postures, to mobilise and strengthen the
body, and to awaken and stimulate the energy. The practice begins with

a fifteen-minute meditation, finishing with a wind-down, blissful relaxation.

Restorative Flow
Restorative yoga is a meditative practice that encourages a passive release
of deep tension in mind and body, while connecting with the breath.
Sessions involve the use of props like bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets to
support, soft release and inspire inner peace. Overall the practice guides us
into our own restful space of peace and calm .

Menopause Yoga 
Developing a regular safe and mindful yoga practice will bring structure into
your day, while helping to ease menopause symptoms, cultivate resilience,
strength and mobility. Most importantly it allows much needed time for
nurturing your own self-care and the ability to tap into your spiritual self,
a source of youth energy.

We encourage small group online Yoga programmes, holding a safe space
for women to come together and share their menopause experiences.
Beginners are welcome, you don't need to have practiced yoga before
and there is no judgement of your performance in class.

Yoga helps to keep body and mind in tune, balanced, connected and
youthful. When we are open and aware we can feel happy and at peace
with ourselves.

We offer zoom class programmes with access to a library of videos, where
you will be able to benefit from a collection of class recordings that you
can use in your own time whenever you want.

Meditation Courses
The practice of meditation guides us into our own restful space
of awareness, stillness and peace that dwells wihin each and
everyone of us.

The practice is simple to learn but difficult for most of us to sustain
on an ongoing basis. The reason for this is due to realising the 
committment! It is only through regular practice of resting mindfully
in awareness that the mind will gradually learn to re-program itself.
So whether for 10 minutes or 30 minutes of meditation, when
practiced consistantly the positive benefits will be similar.

Meditation is truly a life changing method that significantly effects
our overall wellbeing, mental health and aging process.
Just twenty minutes a day can help to reduce blood pressure and
the risk of heart disease, overcome anxiety, fears and lifestyle stress.
A daily practice will help to improve focus, boost energy levels
and mental clarity.

I offer small group programms and bespoke one to one courses, giving
you all the tools you will need to master a regular practice for at least
fifteen minutes every day.
You learn to control stress more effectively, you're energy levels are
boosted, your sleep pattern is improved, you will find more calm and
peace within and as a result will be happier and more content.

The programm includes a meditation tool kit of techniques to practice
at home, journalling thoughts, pre-recorded yoga Nidra and meditation



“The six week course was full of new and different experiences. I think meditation will continue to help me to focus better on what I’m doing, become a better and more patient person and see the positive in everything ahead of anything else.  I like what meditation does to me and I know this is the start of something with so much to learn along the way.”


"I'm so enjoying Moorwellbeing yoga with Annie’s on-line classes. She's a professional and beautiful teacher, who crafts her lessons with a balance of variety and familiarity. The guidance is clear and precise and Annie demonstrates control, kindness and skill in her teaching and practice."

Catherine - Architect

"I’ve been going to Annie’s yoga classes during lockdown. She holds a yoga space of warmth, kindness and spaciousness. Her presence and wonderful loft-room have given me a safe space to practice and feel invited in to. Annie is a versatile teacher and experienced practitioner, and I feel this in her own diligent teaching, spiritual practice and careful guidance. I warmly recommend you try her classes."


Duncan - Somatic Leadership Coach

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful chakra meditation course, I wanted to challenge myself to sit still for half an hour, to turn inward and to focus my attention, which I’m pleased to say I was able to do from the very first class.

 Each week as we focused on a different chakra, I found myself slipping into a deeper meditative state, I particularly enjoyed listening to you describe each charka's purpose and it’s related colour, then spending time chanting the mantra to ourselves.  

I felt a deep sense of calmness after each class. Thank you for welcoming me into your zoom studio with kindness and love."

Anna - Student Yogi