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 One to One Yoga


Yoga is about finding joy, peace and stillness in a body and mind free of tension. 

One to One Yoga Personal Coaching 

One to One yoga coaching provides you with all the tools you need to develop your own personal practice.

You will learn how to move your body with intention, use your breath to connect with your physical mental and emotional body, while being aware of the present moment.

Individual instruction and attention to how your body and mind are responding can be a great support in helping you build confidence for the rest of your day, assisting you to practice safely, and helping you to tune into yourself, observe, investigate and be aware..

Yoga leads you into a safe space, where you can surrender and let go of anything you don't need in the moment. A regular practice can provide you with noticeable benefits, giving you better strength and resilience, more focus and clarity, all of which has significant outcomes towards improving your mental and physical health.

You can be guided in a more restorative yin yoga style, directed towards developing passive poses and stretches that target specific areas of the body - for fatigue, pain, muscle tension or stiffness. This helps to release and unwind the connective tissue that is inclined to become tight and constrIcted due to lifestyle, injury or stress.

Or you can be encouraged towards boosting and developing strength, flexibility, resilience and power through the more dynamic flow that yang yoga delivers. Yang sequences tend to follow a moving flow that includes plenty of weight bearing and balancing poses.


There is also the advantage of tailoring the practice to suit your individual needs, giving us plenty of scope to work together and combine yin and yang yoga for the best possible outcome.


My teaching style is based on the traditions of Hatha yoga and the eight limbs of ashtanga to include the Yamas - moral vows, Niyamas - positive duties, Asana - postures, Pranayama - breathing exercises, Pratyahara - sense of withdrawal, Dharana - focused concentration, Dhyana - meditation and Samadhi - enlightenment.


A series of sessions will give you the knowledge and awareness to practice at your

own pace, in your own time, where you can feel happy in your whole self with no judgement.

Yoga Coaching Program

A course of 4 x seventy-five minute One to One sessions - In studio or online

Available by appointment only.

Four sessions £140

Contact me here for a free discovery call.

Give your loved one or friend a Gift of Health this year
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