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The yoga warrior symbolises a creator of inner strength and eliminator

of fear and negativity 


 Tuesdays| Saturdays| 09:00 - 10:00




Annie's yoga classes explore your YIN and YANG energy flowing from within. 

As a radient being, your yoga practice empowers you to become who you truly are. You can use it as a celebration of your yin and yang energy to ignite the youth of your inner soul.

These Yoga classes are designed to support your changing body

There are so many external factors influencing not only your physical but also your mental health.

That's why its so important to maintain a balance in your life, remain strong and resilient.



Classes are specifically designed to provide you with poses and sequences that will support you as you go through changes in your life. 

If you have tight hips, shoulders, stiffness in your joints and muscles, then yoga is exactly what you need.

However if you are in midlife, moving through perimenopause or beyond into postmenopause, you may be looking for something more gentle and restorative.

Perhaps you need MORE BALANCE in your life - wanting to level out your hormones, lessen your stress levels, calm anxiety, ease muscle aches and tension, stretch and tone your body and strengthen your bones.

With this in mind and because many of YOU are requesting a more tailored class to suit your needs. I've developed a yoga offer that delivers more BALANCE for YOU!

A fusion of Yin Yoga, calm and restorative, Yang Yoga strong and resilient, with mindful Meditation resting in the moment.

We flow through exercises like a moving meditation, embracing vinyasa and mandala sequences.

A way of nurturing your Qi (chi energy) to find a space of nothingness that will help you release tension and find stillness in your mind.

The aim - to mindfully flow and grow through sequences that will awaken your inner power, restorative poses to release and let go, and meditation to reclaim your equilibrium.


If you are 50 plus and haven't exercised for a long time, adding chair yoga into your daily practice can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Even sitting down can tone your muscles, grow your strength and boost your overall health.

Chair yoga will significantly improve balance, strength and flexibility and help prevent falls and injuries.

Join me live on zoom for;

Yoga Fusion - Tuesdays and Saturdays at 09:00 - 10:00am

What you get!

4 x Yoga Fusion classes or 4 x Chair Yoga classes £40

You don't have to be an experienced yogi to participate in the series, it's SUITABLE



Each week you will receive an email with links to the classes.


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