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Mindful Morning Reteats

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Credit; Ramana Kumar - @ramanasketches

Join us at Casa Vida for transforming mornings of Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. Where you can unwind for three hours in an immersion of retreat blissfulness.

Expect a morning journey of gentle classes designed to nurture you towards whole body wellness, in an environment of peace and tranquility, with spectacular views of the Algarvian countryside.


We offer empowering Mindful meditation, based on a Tibetan style practice, renowned for its roots in traditional Buddhist philosophy.

You will learn about Awareness - of observing where you are and what you are doing. Of non-judgement - accepting things just as they are and about Living in the Present - bringing your mind to stillness. And how you can change your life by committing yourself to regular practice.



Our Yogaflow classes feature integrated vinyasaflow with Hatha based yoga poses, that are gentle and subtle, aimed at helping you to connect with both your physical body and your inner spirit energy. This style of teaching is suitable for anyone who hasn't done yoga before, or who is keen to improve and learn more about their current practice.


Finally as you lay comfortably with complete acceptance for where youare, on your mat at the end of the morning! You will experience a session of yoga Nidra relaxation specifically focusing on deep relaxation and visualisation, with gongs and singing bowls to bring you into your own space of peace and joy.


Our intention is that you leave this delightful morning retreat feeling rebooted, rejuvenated and truly restored.

Your morning will include home made healthysnacks. refreshments and herbal teas.



We look forward to our community of local Algarve residents finding their way to our tranquil retreat, situated within five minutes of the historical market town of Loule.

DATES - Scheduled  8.30 - 11.30am

Mondays & Fridays Only - August, September, October 2020

Retreat Fee - 50 Euros (includes healthy snacks)


Casa Vida




Casa Vida Geo Location

37.1299000000, -8.0003600000 

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