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Journaling Your Experiences

A pen coupled with paper can serve as a powerful life tool.’

Journaling is an ancient tradition, dating back to 10th century Japan. There is increasing evidence to show that journaling – recording thoughts and images, has a positive impact on physical wellbeing. The act of writing and drawing accesses your left-brain, which is analytical and rational. While your left-brain is occupied, your right-brain is free to create, to be intuitive and to feel.


Your Journal will be most effective if you do it each day, which is why we have built time into your daily schedule to give you plenty of opportunity. Firstly if you are attending the creative workshops (optional) you will be creating a daily record through a wide selection of fun mediums. Secondly you will have the option to put pen to paper after your daily meditation practice. Thirdly if you are not too tired from your days activities you can record your thoughts before going to sleep.


Through your writing and creative marks you’ll discover that your journal is an all-accepting, nonjudgmental friend, a keepsake of precious moments and thoughts that you can take away with you and treasure for evermore.


There are many interesting benefits to journaling. Recording thoughts and moments can help to stretch your IQ, evoke mindfulness and help you to achieve goals, develop your emotional intelligence, boost your memory and comprehension, strengthen your self-discipline, improve your communication skills and promote healing.


Our present to you is a fabulous hard-back book containing a concertina of quality paper, all folded into a beautiful personal box. You will have so much opportunity to draw, collage, paint, stick and write whatever you wish, in fact you can use any medium you desire to record your thoughts and creative insights,  We hope you will enjoy filling it with your experiences.

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