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Thoughts That Come To Mind

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About the Author 

Annie Moore is a Surrey (UK) based Well-being, Yoga and Meditation coach, who blends her visions of nurture and nature with her spiritual journey of wisdom and guidance.

Her wish is to offer a means of healing through poetry, reaching out to people who embrace their life to the full or to those who struggle with real-life pressing problems.

Thoughts That Come To Mind, first published in November 2021 is available below.

I do hope you enjoy it..

About The Book

In this intuitive book of musings and poems Annie records her journey of contemplations from the beginning of the pandemic lockdown in March 2020.


The collection is a result of thoughts and reflections that have come to mind after her daily meditation practice.

Poetry has the potential to reach awareness that may previously have been hidden from our thoughts. Making it possible to open our eyes with new insight, ignite thoughts and feelings that evoke peace and joy, with a sense of knowing that we are not alone.


The Thoughts That Come To Mind collection invites you to explore stillness, observe nature's beauty, sounds and smells and reflect on the awakening of your senses being stimulated by energy around you and from within.

They offer a unique quality that shares nurturing wisdom with uplifting feelings, engaging the reader on a path of gentle healing. They are suitable not only for your own reflective reading but also for sharing in women's circles, yoga and meditation groups.

There is an easy-to-read melodic tone throughout, that offers relaxation for the readers mind.


What You Said

"Annie, since my return from your retreat, I've taught two meditations at David Lloyd and I've read three poems from your book in my yoga classes. They're so beautiful, thoughtful and moving. Thank you so much for lifting my soul. " Loretta September 2022

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