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Meet Your Coach

"The mindfulness of movement and meditation for me
is a journey of growth, passions, principles and peace'

Welcome I'm Annie Moore, founder of  Moorwellbeing - a wellness coaching facilitator who provides a safe space to support and nurture women through change..

I teach Yoga, Qigong, Meditation and Mindfulness - coaching my clients in groups, one to ones or online through zoom classes.  

My coaching programmes are designed to help women manage their experiences, ease them through their midlife challenges, improve their strength and resilience, and give them the confidence to live their best life.

As a body work therapist, yoga and meditation coach, with over twenty-five years’

experience, my passion is deeply rooted in the relationship between physical,

emotional and spiritual health.

My aim is to bring about transformation in these three vital areas, helping a person grow and blossom, embrace their positive qualities and define their purpose.


With a wish only to inspire and motivate woman through a natural process of change. I believe this will not only improve self-growth but also open their hearts to self-love and compassion, giving them a wonderful sense of empowerment to be the radiant women they truly are.

Diving deeper I give women all the tools they need  to grow and evolve through their journey of movement, meditation, breathwork and mindfulness. Enabling them to discover what works for them at their own pace, with no judgement.


Coaching simply provides gentle encouragement, gives a person space to think and reassess their own self-acceptance of a beautiful woman transitioning into her 'second spring' - beyond midlife.

Let's practie together.

I initially qualified in Holistic massage and Aromatherapy in 1994 developing 

further skills in pregnancy, natural facelift massage, Reiki and stress management. Working in body work therapies for over 20 years, gave me a firm foundation and insight into health and wellness values.

In 2014 I leaned into teaching, with a life long passion for yoga, fitness and meditation, I became a certified Hatha Yoga teacher (200HRs) with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Further qualifications aquired:

Certified Yin Yoga teacher (40HRs)

Certified Menopause Yoga Teacher (Petra Coveney of Menopause Yoga MYTT)

Acredited Tibetan Buddhist Meditation - British School of Yoga

Accredited Mindfulness Coach - Centre of Excellence 

Accredited Life Purpose Coach - Centre of Excellence

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