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One to One Meditation Course
meditation is a valuable life-changing tool

This unique meditation program is designed to help you reach your goals and optimal wellbeing.

Based on experience, wisdom and expert knowledge you will be given a tools and resources to help you achieve a regular practice on your own.

Meditation is for you if you...

Suffer from anxiety and depression
✅ Want to take control of your fears
✅ Have blood pressure issues
✅ Feel fatigued and brain fogged
✅ Recovering from cancer
✅ Going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

What meditation can do for you…

✅ Help you overcome life’s challenges
✅ Bring you into the moment
✅ Calm your body and mind
✅ Reduce your stress, anxiety and depression 
✅ Lower your blood pressure
✅ Heal physical and mental discomfort
✅ Give you clarity and focus
✅ Improve your wellbeing


Three things you should know about meditation

Your way

There is no right or wrong way to meditate.


You decide and you commit to turning up each day



You CAN learn to re-train your mind, switch off and rest in any given moment.


When you give the mind a rest, magical things happen!

How it workS for YOU

  • You will be guided through a step by step process.

  • Giving you expert tools and support. 

  • You will explore simple meditation techniques.

  • Discover how you can calm your chattering mind.

What YOU will learn

  • Variety of meditation methods to bring you into the present moment.

  • How to connect with your breath to find stillness and peace within.

  • ​Gentle seated exercises and yoga breathing techniques, especially for you.

  • How to create your own meditation sanctuary.

  • How to relax and switch off from your busy head.

What the programme will do for YOU

You will be able to practice on your own for the rest of your life.

Be the master of a new habit that slots seamlessly into your day.

Elevate yourself to thrive rather than survive in your daily life.

Your meditation programme is given either In-Studio or Online. Each session is seventy five minutes.

To arrange a free thirty minute discovery call contact Annie here

Course fee £140 x 4 sessions

Sign up below for the next programme.

Here's what you have been saying about my service..

“It’s been an absolute delight working with Annie and learning something completely new over the last 6 weeks.  It has flown by, but I feel I am on a road to something that will stay with me forever and for that I thank you.”  Jeanette

“The six weeks course was full of new and different experiences and allowed the ability to decide what is right for each person and that there is no wrong way.  I think this was hugely relevant because I can see how someone might give up if they have too many expectations of what meditation is like."

A little about my meditation Journey

I began seriously meditating just after my son died in 2014. Prior to that I had dipped in and out very casually, without really understanding the true purpose of meditation. I found it difficult to switch off from my busy mind and took the view that I was no good at it.

Then everything changed.... Meditation became my go to when I lost Tom. I was able to transport myself into another place.


Depending on how I felt at the time I learnt to be present with myself. If I felt like crying then I'd let it go, without feeling embarrased or trying to hold it back, or feeling in any way weak within myself.


The more I released my thoughts, emotions, supressions of anger, guilt, memories, hurt, were connected to my pent up grief, the stronger I began to feel.

Meditation gave me a purpose, it gave me my life back.


It didn't take away the sorrow but it helped me to realise that it was ok to grieve, no one was judging me for how I felt and I could rest in stillness and peace with my own thoughts, whether they were happy or sad, fearful or dark.

Meditation helped to bring me out of a deep dark hole and showed me the way to move forward in a more positive direction , so that I could begin building a different life around my grief.


I became more accepting of my situation without beating myself up about it. I learnt to dwell in the present moment and gradually found that space of nothingness, of peace within.

I am completely hooked on meditating every day as part of my daily ritual. I simply couldn't be without it!...

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