experience the healing power of yoga

"Yoga for me is about finding joy, peace and stillness in a body free of tension. A complete union of mind, body and soul!"


Have you ever felt overwhelmed in a yoga class? You become aware that everyone around you seems so much more bendy than you and confident in their practice.

You feel some moments of strain as you try to get into difficult poses. No one is telling you if you’re doing it right. There isn’t enough time for the teacher to give you individual guidance. You are frustrated and unsure of what you are doing. You feel let down that yoga is not for you.


Many people think they are not flexible enough for yoga or it’s only for those with a perfect body. Yoga is for everyone, all abilities, gender, age, shape or size.



Yogaflow is a style based on the traditional hatha yoga system. The practice connects accessible yoga postures with breath and fluid movement in a well-rounded practice, integrating a flow of classical hatha postures with strengthening poses and passive stretches. We develop your practice at a slower pace, there’s time to explore individual postures so that new students can build confidence and familiarity,


A session begins with meditation and ends with mindful relaxation. Suitable for anyone who hasn't done yoga before, or who is keen to improve their current practice or just needs a boost of confidence for home practice.


Yoga is not just about the physical elements of the practice but more about tuning into your own breath and energy, listening to your inner wisdom and finding a sense of withdrawal - pratyahara to benefit your overall wellbeing. Annie's approach is completely holistic, nurturing you towards whole body wellness.


Gentle one-to-one tuition will introduce you to a mindful yoga practice that teaches you how to move in and out of poses, using your breath to release tension, tone and strengthen your body, relax your mind and lift your spirits.

The individual instruction and attention to detail can be a great support in helping you to build confidence in how to practice safely, how to tune into your body’s needs, how to surrender and release your body and mind in the moment, as well as helping to improve your mental and physical health.

We guide you along a more Restorative yoga style particularly directed towards your needs developing passive poses and stretches that target specific areas of the body - for fatigue, pain, muscle tension or stiffness.

This helps to release and unwind the connective tissue that is inclined to become tight and constrIcted due to lifestyle, injury or stress.


A series of sessions will give you the knowledge and awareness to practice at your own pace, in your own time, where you can feel happy with your whole self on your mat.


Ninety or sixty minute sessions involve aspects of the eight yoga limbs modified to suit each individual's ability. This will cover breathing exercises, physical postures, energy work, meditation and relaxation. You can expect to be shown how to adjust and align yourself in poses which will help you towards a safe practice. In the case of injuries or areas of pain you will be shown different options to help you manage, avoid or ease any discomfort in the body.


Ninety minute small group classes ( max 4 persons) £15 per class


A course of One-2-One tuition will include 6 x sixty minute sessions at £180 (£30 per session)

Or One-2-One sixty minute drop-in sessions at £35


Studio 38

Vine Road

East Molesey