Yoga Flow


"Yoga for me is about finding joy, peace and stillness in a body free of tension. A complete union of mind, body and soul!"

One To One Yoga Flow

Gentle one-to-one tuition will introduce you to a mindful yoga practice that teaches

you how to move in and out of poses, using your breath to release tension, tone and

strengthen your body, relax your mind and lift your spirits.

The individual instruction and attention to detail can be a great support in helping you

to build confidence in how to practice safely, how to tune into your body’s needs,

how to surrender and release your body and mind in the moment, as well as helping

to improve your mental and physical health.

We guide you along a more Restorative yoga style particularly directed towards your

needs developing passive poses and stretches that target specific areas of the body -

for fatigue, pain, muscle tension or stiffness. This helps to release and unwind the

connective tissue that is inclined to become tight and constrIcted due to lifestyle,

injury or stress.


A series of sessions will give you the knowledge and awareness to practice at your

own pace, in your own time, where you can feel happy with your whole self on your mat.

Yoga Individual Courses 

A course of One : One online tuition -

Includes 4 x seventy five minute sessions 

Currently available by appointment only.

One : One Class Pass £99