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Qigong the art of effortless power, mirrors the movement of nature

WEDNESDAYS|09:30 - 10:15am

Qigong exercise is about activating Qi (chi energy) through the body with effortless ease, fuelled by breath and movement. It is suitable for anyone of any age and physical ability.

Freeing up restrictions in our body helps us to feel good and in qigong practice we never push into a stretch we let the body relax into it.
We simply connect gentle movement with the breath, activating the body’s energy to work its magic - fluid and flowing to help improve flexibility and strength, balance the hormones, open the heart centre, and expand the mind to absorb all the energy from the universe.
Qigong is a truly powerful practice for clearing tension, tightness, stress and for cultivating good health.

When you slow the body down you slow the mind down too. Qigong flowing exercises are designed to bring health and vitality into your body, calmness and tranquillity into your mind.


As the breath brings the chi energy in, it flows and circulates as life force.

Relaxing into the flow, allows worries or things that are not necessary to slip away as you drop into the present moment. You can feel your feet firmly pressing into the ground, the air moving through your fingers and a strong connection to your centre.


The inhale pulls in fresh energy and the exhale lets go of stagnant energy.

‘Where the breath goes the chi flows’


Physically in qigong the aim is to cultivate resilience, developing strength in the legs, like the roots of the tree and the body to be flexible like the branches and the trunk. Through the specific exercises, growing your strength and flexibility will build resilience.


Energetically and emotionally in qigong, when the breath, body and energy all work together this creates harmony and balance in the mind and body systems.


In our qigong classes I'll be guiding you for 60 minutes through simple moving exercises that will help improve your health and logevity. Getting into the flow will lift your spirits and give you that vital energy that we all need to exist..

I'm so looking forward to flowing with you x


CLASSES - Live on zoom 
Each week you will receive a zoom link to the class via email.


Qigong Movement 09:30 - 10:15am

Sign up for 4 x Qigong Online classes £32, simply click on the box below.

"Thank you Annie I’ve really enjoyed the last two sessions. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to try qigong. I find it a great moving meditation focusing on the breath and being much gentler than yoga. Thank you for being my teacher and introducing me to qigong.

Your instructions are really clear and I’ve enjoyed the benefits it brings.

This will be part of my life from now on." Kerry

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