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Yoga on demand pre-recorded videos that work for you, anytime, anywhere

6 Pre-Recorded Videos |Yin Yang Yoga 

Meditation | Qigong | £25 

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Annie's Yoga On Demand video series , includes a set of six pre-recorded classes, covering Yin, Yang and hatha yoga sequences, to calm and restore, encourage strength and resilience, plus  meditation for daily protection and qigong exercises to cultivate free flowing energy.

The wonderful advantage of on demand classes is that they work for you, anytime, anywhere.

In yoga we are guided into our own space of awareness, balance and control, bringing equanimity into our whole sense of being, helping us to connect with mind and body through the breath, movement and postures. We become focused and immersed in the love and peace we can make with our true self.

In meditation when your body relaxes your mind relaxes , when your body is open your mind is open. You settle in the present moment finding space to simply just be. Thoughts come and go with no judgment or attachment you simply allow them to pass through like clouds passing in the sky, following the natural rhythm of the breath as you move towards the stillness.

In Qigong where the breath goes the chi flows. The breath guides the energy through your body and helps to calm your mind, balance your emotions and create youthful vitality.

You tune into the gentle rhythm of movement and the fluid flow of energy, powerful soft and gentle like water flowing in a stream.

This series of pre-recorded yoga, qigong and meditation videos empowers you to become more in touch with who you truly are, beautiful well balanced, loving human beings. 

With regular use of this series, you'll become a master of your own practice, finding a deeper connection to yourself and your free flowing life force, so you can grow stronger more resilient and happier in your own skin.

What the series will do for you!


As well as feeling generally on top of things the series will help you...

  • Develop strength, flexibility and resilience

  • Connect with your youth energy and true self

  • Inspire vitality, passion and creativity

  • Create the pause to find peace and stillness​.

What you get in the series

Unlimited access to the video program below;

3 x Yoga classes 

  • Yang Yoga Flow to energise body and mind.

  • Yin Yoga Restorative to calm the nervous system.

  • Morning Yoga Flow to stretch and tone.


1 x Purple Light Of Protection Meditation

  • Giving guided daily protection.


2 x Quigong sequences

  • Movement for emotional stress

  • -Happy heart flow to energise and uplift the spirit.

Your investment, - six pre-recorded videos - £25

You don't have to be an experienced yogi to participate in the series,


On Demand Video Series

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