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Menopause Yoga 


Empowering You To Live The Life You Want


There is so much to look forward to when you come through the other side of menopause into your 'Second Spring', of new beginnings, of power, of finding

your voice.


It gives you a second chance to follow your intuition, reach your goals, dreams and hearts

true desires.

For me menopause has been all about how you make changes to lifelong habits!

YOUR symptoms are experiences by you, as your hormones adjust and shift in new ways

each day.


Many women going through their journey can often experience some not-so-pleasant symptoms, like fatigue, tiredness, hot flushes, joint pain, brain fog, anger, anxiety disrupted sleep and more. 


No surprise then that some women find menopause brutal and overwhelmingly stressful, as symptoms fluctuate often daily, making it difficult to gauge when and how they are going to arise.

Annie's sessions are specifically designed to provide you with yoga poses, breathwork and meditation techniques that will help ease and manage your symptoms and support you

through your midlife changes. 

Your coaching follows the practices of Hatha yoga principles, focusing on Yin yoga poses to calm and restore, Yang yoga postures for strength and resilience. You learn Mindful Meditation to rest and calm you in the moment, combined with Breath work exercises to help ease your symptoms.


As a Menopause Yoga and Life Purpose Coach I am passionate about helping women transition through their menopause with ease and comfort.


My purpose is to give you all the tools you need to help, reduce your symptoms and allow you the space to discover what works for you, at your own pace, with no judgement.

Simply providing gentle encouragement towards your own self-acceptance and transformation of a beautiful woman moving into a life beyond the menopause and giving you that wonderful empowerment to be the radiant woman you are."

One to One menopause yoga 

Four sixty-minute sessions in studio or live on zoom - £150

Contact me here for a free 30 minute curiosity call or sign up below.

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