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Creative Workshops

'Change unleashes people's creative energy'

Our creative workshops have been designed to be fun and rewarding for all of us - those who haven't picked up a tube of paint since primary school, those who are working creatively every day, those who make things all the time and those who don't at all. 


We will introduce you to inspiring processes for making images that don't feel like traditional drawing. Through our gentle, careful coaxing and encouragement you will be able to let go of any inhibitions and surprise yourself when you see the rewards of your inner creativity evolving.


Our workshops are assembled in the open air, in order to encourage your senses to tune in to all the interesting shapes, smells and colours that surround you - of the villa, garden and fascinating landscape.


By supplying you with a variety of materials and mediums we are able to guide you along a restfully creative path that will give you an opportunity to use a variety of different methods for 'making marks' – Here we will be tapping into the concept of 'looking at what's around us and within us'.  


You will be given the chance to record your experiences so that you have an evocative and valuable record of your retreat experience to take away with you.


All materials will be supplied and you'll easily be able to take your work home in a suitcase or hand-luggage. You may want to bring an old tee-shirt for some of the workshops.

Let your creative side shine through!

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