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Improve your physical and emotional strength

Get yourself ready for a 4 week journey of wellbeing, lovingly curated to help build your emotional and physical strength from within.


Each individual student on this course is given the opportunity to replenish their energy and connect with themselves through the power of form, movement and visualisation in the four disciplines of Yoga, Qigong, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.


You will learn a series of moving sequences, breathwork exercises, visualisations and meditations to help improve balance, flexibility and resilience.


Each week we will not only grow your physical skills through repetition of form but also train your mind to yield to the present moment, letting go of the noise and chaos that continuously bothers us from external and internal forces.


You can expect to feel relief from neck, hip and lower back stiffness, while realising a clearer mindset and deeper self-awareness.

This course brings you a melange of pure holistic bliss , blended seamlessly within stunning natural surroundings.


Feed back from students so far -  'I felt the wonderful stretching of my spine, where I always have tension. The setting, the mood, the energy, and the meditation all felt absolutely fantastic at Casa Vida'.

'I truly enjoyed joining in the menopause conversation and discussions. They flowed freely in an honest and open way'.


'I feel blessed that the positive energy we all feel at Casa Vida is making a difference.'


Course Dates -  Friday 5, 12, 19, & 26 July 09:30am


Venue – Casa Vida, Betunes, Loule


Course Fee – 4 ninety minute classes 50 Euros

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