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Take Yourself on a Healing Holiday

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Before you book your next holiday ask yourself "What sort of holiday do I really need?", " Would I prefer to go somewhere on my own ?", " Will I benefit from real downtime?", "Am I looking for something experiential?".

Many of us are so busy with life's pressures that we don't often give ourselves the space in our head to ask these questions. We are more likely to be driven by the idea that we simply need to 'get away', in order to 'relax in the sun'. The problem is we don't really know if our true needs are going to be met! Is there perhaps more to it than that?

The recent trend for holiday destinations favours 'experiences' where you take yourself off to enjoy any number of outdoor wellbeing escapes from fitness resorts and holistic spas to natural immersion getaways. These travel experiences are designed to leave you rejuvenated and equipped with techniques and tools for a better lifestyle.

Research from Peak Destination Management describes "Today’s most savvy travelers of all ages want to experience that transformative journey in a way that is wholly their own. In the end we are all searching for something. We’re all seeking our monk, and experiential travel is becoming a preferred road to the monastery."

Many of us have dreams that are hindered by our limited beliefs and unfortunately these get in the way of our longing to follow another path, or pursue a different journey. Having said that it's never too late! In fact now is a good time to realise your dreams and listen to your inner voice because there's a whole world of experiences out there.

I'm sure many will agree that it can be extremely stressful when planning a big extended holiday, with family or friends, researching and surfing the internet, trying to please everyone, least of all yourself. Perhaps this is why travelers are tending to abandon week or two week summer vacations in favour of shorter more frequent breaks.

There are also signs in the travel industry that more and more people are opting to go solo for a "Needs Met' short break. It's evident that today's solo traveller is no longer defined by their relationship status or whether they have like-minded friends. Instead, they are increasingly choosing to leave their loved ones behind in order to do what they want, when they want, so they can get a bit of well deserved ‘me time’.

The current buzz in the holiday world this year is the growth of 'wellness-centric' travel, defined by six major elements - physical fitness, mental health, spiritual connection, nutrition, community and environment. There is value here in meeting one's needs to improve wellbeing in mind, body and soul, through new discoveries, growth, connectivity and fulfilment by promoting positive energy between, people, cultures and nature.

You could also describe this experiential wellness excursion as a healing journey to help guide, nurture and support you towards a life you really love, filled with happiness, glowing health and wonderful wellbeing. Once you have begun such a journey you will never stray away.

There is undoubtedly a need to go off and find oneself, to get away and just breathe new life, instead of being locked into autopilot and barely even taking a breath. It is this spiritual yearning that is growing through the ranks of travellers, taking a moment to appreciate 'the moment' - where you can get in touch with your inner wisdom, share your experience with like minded souls from around the world, joyfully fusing culture with clarity.

At the end of this immersion the result is more likely to be transformational, setting you up on a path that has opened doors into your inner soul, where you have mindfully re-connected with mind, body and spirit, grounded and centred yourself so you can deal calmly with any eventuality and given you a new found positivity to embrace life with love, appreciation and acceptance, so that you leave feeling blissfully happy and revitalised.

This could be the year to take yourself off on a healing journey in sunny Algarve. Watch the video right here....

Annie of Moorwellbeing is running this year's Yoga and MIndfulness Retreat at Casa Vida in the Algarve from 26 September to 1 October 2019

Six days all inclusive retreat £650 (including airport transfers, excluding flights and insurance).

Bookings contact

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