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How To Be Still In Meditation

Sitting or being still is something we are not used to doing. There is often an element of impatience and restlessness hanging around, preventing our thoughts or physical body from really being still.

The problem we have is that everything has to happen 'Right Now' and you can’t sit still until it’s done.... Until NOW where we have been forced into the 'here and now', as we find our selves in lockdown.

Even though everything has come to a standstill, there is still loads to do, juggling the family, working from home, out of the home, motivating ourselves, coaxing the family into some sort of structured day and finding a new routine and timeline. But the rushing around has stopped; instead our minds are full of uncertainty, fears and anxiety. We need to bring the stillness in, find peace from within.

“When your body and mind are completely still you feel like you are in a suspended state of peace and tranquillity”.

This is how I feel when I meditate! I completely forget the physical aspect of being seated on my cushion. My mind and body feel very calm and perfectly still.

The overall experience gives me a feeling of euphoria, like being in a trance state. It feels like any physical consciousness of pain, tension or tightness has completely left my body.

There is no more involuntary movement or fidgeting of limbs. The physical body begins to shut down, working in harmony with the breath. I am no longer aware of my feet touching the floor or hands lightly resting in my lap. My eyelids have stopped fluttering and the sensation of swallowing has receded at the back of my throat. I am unaware of my tongue resting on the palette behind my upper teeth. I feel totally numb.

The breath is slow, fluid and very soft. All that remains is the focus on my chosen mantra as I repeat it over and over in my mind, connecting with the breath like the ebb and flow of gentle waves lapping on the shore, naturally and effortlessly. I am just resting with awareness in the present.

Yet the mind is awake and alert, while the body is completely relaxed. There is a sense of connecting with my inner self, of feeling unity, pure oneness, of a restful space in the here and now.

There is no impact of time in this moment. No conscious awareness of the pause between the in breath and the out breath, just a feeling that everything has shut down and I am floating somewhere ‘out there’… feeling peaceful and joyous. Perhaps we could acknowledge this experience is an enlightened awareness of the present moment.

As I understand it, this is the moment of true stillness when the mind, body and spirit are completely connected in ‘tranquil abiding’ - where our sense of awareness, balance, calm and control are working in perfect harmony.

Learning to meditate mindfully each day for as little as ten minutes will bring you to a place of stillness. It isn’t difficult or complicated. It’s just about committing, preferably to the same time each day.

Following a guided short meditation App, video or recording is a good starting point. The practice of sitting quietly on your own without interruption, closing the eyes and focusing on the breath will bring you into the present.

It can be as simple as just sitting with your breath and listening to the sounds around you. From there just quietly tuning into all your five senses one after the other. Begin with sound – the birds, then feel – the fabric against your skin, smell – the aroma in the air, see – what is behind your closed eyes, finally taste – the freshness in your mouth. After a few minutes these sensations will become your meditation, as you gradually withdraw from your senses.

We can learn so much about ourselves when we switch off the chatter in our mind. We create space for love, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and kindness towards others, and ourselves bringing us into a space where joy, peace and happiness are at the forefront of our mind.

That space... within the stillness is such a gift for us to behold. One that once you have experienced makes you feel like you want to return for more. This you can do as often as you like, whenever you want, where ever you are. Your special place- space is only a few breaths away. All you have to do is commit and turn up each day.... That's when you become completely hooked. That’s when you begin to soften and grow into a better more contented and happier person.

Annie Moore, is a qualified yoga and Mindfulness Meditation teacher, offering yoga and meditation classes and courses from her studio in the UK and Live-Streaming Online.

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