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5 Reasons to Practice Mindful Meditation

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Have you noticed how often you are distracted by 'other stuff' invading your mind, instead of noticing things that are going on around you?

When your mind is preoccupied are you really listening to what someone is saying and giving them your full attention? Are you actually tuning into the nature or beautiful objects that are in front of you?...

Unfortunately the constant chatter in our mind prevents us from living mindfully.

Simply put mindfulness is the practice of being aware in the present moment without judgement. Mindfulness is about wellness. It’s about switching off from the noise in your head; it’s about really learning to live in the moment and appreciating your life to the full. You can learn to be mindful anytime, anywhere!

Practicing mindfulness we learn how to become less stressed and worried by what has happened in the past or what might happen in the future. Instead we learn to acknowledge the present by observing and living in the moment.

We know from research that meditation enhances the flow of positive thoughts

It helps you to manage anxiety, stress and depression. It lowers blood pressure,

inducing feelings of calmness and peace and helps you sleep better. But most importantly it stops the chatter of the mind by bringing your mind to stillness, so your memory stays sharp and focused. Overall it trains you in being aware of the present moment.

Through regular meditation practice our mind can be trained to switch off, rest and be refuelled. Mental energy needs fuel at source to give unbounded and grounded energy that is unique to each person. The mental and emotional benefits that come from regular practice are useful in basically any area of life - from career and personal development to athletic performance, health care, family relationships, and business.

Meditation increases and renews energy at source enhancing joyness, creativity, freshness and alertness. Our source is within ourselves at our spirit centre, the core of our being. From our true source we can build self-esteem and self-awareness. Being kind, overcoming a small fear or proving to yourself you can do something you couldn’t do before are positive outcomes, initiated from the source of all our strength. Each act of genuine self-expression brings strength and gives us a true sense of self.

We can reduce stress by meditating, since through the process the mind finds its own level of stress free stillness. Over time this inner peace becomes your own coping mechanism in the face of life’s constant challenges.

Meditation courses introduce you to a meditation practice that can be used as a way of integrating mindfulness into everyday life. Through daily practice you will gradually see an improvement in your overall health and wellbeing, you will feel happier and more contented in your self.

Committing to meditation is initially the biggest hurdle. Meditation is a simple process and is easy to learn, so it’s not the meditation that is the challenge here. It’s the commitment to sit regularly every day that is the real dispute.

There is evidence that mindfulness and meditation provide three main areas of benefit.

Wellbeing - improving your health, performance, focus, memory and creativity. Growth – improving your personal growth and emotional healing. Spirituality - connecting you to your inner wisdom, inner self and moving you beyond the ego.

Basically getting one’s head round the idea of regular meditation is the biggest step you need to take if you want to transform your life. This practice can be integrated into your everyday life as part of your daily ritual, just as easily as getting dressed or brushing your teeth. Just 10 minutes a day can make a lasting difference.

Some may prefer to practice first thing in the morning as it provides an uplifting start to the day. Whatever you decide, the commitment has to be realistic, so if it means getting up 10 minutes earlier than normal in order to manage the practice then this is what you will need to 'get your head round'! There's nothing better than having a clear, calm headspace.

If you would like to learn how to meditate and be more mindful Annie Moore of Moorwellbeing offers ‘MINDFUL MOMENT’ mindfulness meditation courses given in an environment of peace and tranquillity where you can feel safe and nurtured for sixty minutes of pure relaxation, meditation and mindfulness in East Molesey, Surrey.

Annie is a qualified Yoga and Tibetan Buddhist meditation teacher, therapist and practitioner of Stress Management, Reiki and Holistic Massage.

‘Mindful Moment’ Course of 6 one-hour sessions per week - £230

Booking by email -

More information visit -

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