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8 Helpful Habits to Make You Happier in 2019

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Here I am in 2019 ready to move forward - In with the new and out with the old. But is it that simple?

If you are feeling stuck at the start of this year it may be difficult to think of something new to introduce and old to discard. You may be struggling to commit to something for a year and feel burdened by the thought, even before you begin.

Surely we don't need to pressurise ourselves into making resolutions just because it's the beginning of the year. Maybe we just need to consider how we can move forward in a continuing and positive direction along the path towards a more fulfilling life.

Instead of setting New Year's intentions that are impossible to keep, how about focusing on making smaller changes to your daily habits that can simply be added into your routine one step at a time - introducing realistic changes that can be intergated into your daily life may have a greater impact on your overall health, wellbeing and happiness.

Since life is a balancing act that sometimes doesn't suit us on a daily basis. My approach for this year is to concentrate on creating some new habits that I can easily adopt to bring more happiness into my life. I have selected eight helpful habits that you may want to introduce too!


Introduce more quality time by spending it with people you really care about. Taking time for yourself to let go, have fun and enjoy what’s happening around you. Being in the moment brings us back to our inner self and gives us a sense of really living life to the full, in the here and now, where we actually see, notice, smell, hear and taste what is immediately in front of us.


Stop being judgmental - keep an open mind around people, events, places and experiences. When you judge others based on your own perceptions you limit yourself the chance to really get to know and understand who they are. Being less closed and more open to receiving without judgment gives us a true sense of who we really are - interested, caring and kind.


Take care of yourself by listening to your body’s needs - restore, energise and connect with your mind body and soul by doing some form of exercise - yoga, pilates, running, workouts, that you can enjoy and that make a difference to how you feel inside and out. Or take time to unwind by simply walking in the park - being at one with nature is uplifting and helps to bring us into the present moment.


Find stillness through simple meditation techniques - sitting for 10 minutes a day is all it takes to make a change. Just focus on your breath - using a mantra to repeat like “clear and calm” or simply saying to yourself “I know I’m breathing in” pause, then say “I know I’m breathing out”. Bringing your mind to stillness through the breath can help to reduce stress, blood pressure and anxiety. Best of all it promotes calm and happiness. Try it and see.


Feed yourself a healthier diet - consider introducing more plant based and clean foods into your diet, to clean up your gut, with no additives or preservatives. Cleanse your insides each morning with fresh lemon tea - as slices of lemon steeped in hot water, drink at room temperature. A healthy digestive system is key to better weight control, physical energy and mental clarity.


Having empathy and compassion for others means that you are truly aware, listening to what they have to say and giving them your full attention - being more aware of others suffering and hardships can make a positive difference to how you feel about yourself and those you care about. Remember you don't need to offer advice, you just need to listen.


Open your heart to loving yourself, your loved ones, friends, colleagues, other sentient beings around you and let them know you care about them. Show some loving kindness - a smile, a touch, a kind word can make all the difference. Try to forgive those who have hurt you, free yourself from their emotional link and truly open your heart to love again.


Follow your dreams - discard those limiting beliefs that have haunted you for years. Focus on making your dreams come true. It may not happen this year but taking small steps to put some ideas into action will help you move closer to your dream goals. You can do this simply by investing some time in research, learning a new topic or doing something challenging that takes you out of your comfort zone.

You don't need to adopt all these habits at once, being aware of them is a realistic start. Perhaps just consider one or two that involve making a few small changes to your way of thinking or actions in your daily living. Bringing a new awareness into your life can help to shift your old habits and create a more positive path towards change and transformation - as you begin to develop more clarity and balance, so in time you will feel happier within yourself and project this happiness to those around you.

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