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Five Benefits of a Yoga Retreat

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Most of us yearn for a relaxing break, perhaps, going somewhere exotic! We feel the need to get away from the stresses of everyday life. The impulse to leave our worries behind moves higher up our to-do-list!

Our priorities are changing as our lives grow busier. Social media plays a huge part in our day-to-day existence, making it easy for us to connect with friends, family and colleagues at any time, but it also makes it difficult for us to fully relax and unwind.

This could explain why wellness holidays are growing in popularity.

A yoga retreat is one way to escape your daily stresses and strains – while giving your health a boost. If you’ve ever considered going on a yoga retreat here are five key reasons for doing so!

You have peace of mind

When you transport yourself to a more exotic environment of peace and tranquility where you have the opportunity to completely switch off, calm your thoughts and connect with your surroundings, changes will occur. You become more open and able to let go of any negative energy that has been holding you back. You realize that mindfulness meditation has a place in your life as you learn to appreciate being in the moment and are more able to capture the stillness that rarely happens back home.

You can dig deep into your soul

The more mindful you become the more you focus on being positive. You are aware of others who are sharing the same experience and of how you respond to one another with joy, happiness and love. You respond more to your inner self through mindful rituals that can affect you on many levels and bring you closer to your soul. Being with like-minded people helps you to really look at yourself in a different way and also deepens your sense of connection with your higher self. This can be life changing.

You can be truly immersed

When you take a holiday with yoga as the key objective, you can immerse yourself in all that it is designed to offer. It’s a chance to experience the pure fulfillment of connecting with the breath to control movement, focus the mind and appreciate being in the moment. Participating in yoga classes and plenty of relaxation all designed to nurture and guide you to a better way of living has huge benefits because you are able to really switch off and replenish.

Each day brings you closer to realizing that ‘when we are able to look after ourselves, then we can look after others.’ We are valuing our whole body wellness.

You can feel well nourished

We all lead busy lives, and often neglect to cook healthy meals, frequently eating on the run or buying something ready made that is quick and easy. On a retreat, especially if it’s all-inclusive, you will get three meals a day. Your food will be specially designed and prepared with delicious healthy fresh ingredients. So getting the nutrition you need has never been easier and all the work is done for you. Having a regular healthy meal pattern will not only provide you with vitality and nourishment, it will also boost and enrich your mind.

Total transformation

When groups of people with similar intentions come together in a beautiful place, a bonding will occur as new friendships are formed. It is inspiring to surround yourself with other yogis, share thoughts and experiences about each other’s lives. You can expand your mind simply by listening to others’ views and partaking in daily rituals, yoga, meditation, walks, workshops, mindful eating and whatever else the retreat has to offer. The impact of being part of something special that expands your awareness of what is happening around you and to yourself is empowering and very transformational.

Annie is hosting and running a new five-day Yoga Reboot Retreat, from 7 to 12 June in the Algarve, Portugal.

What makes Annie's retreat so special and unique is the individual attention that it provides for only eight guests, who will be personally looked after by a team of six professionals, just like one big family. Guests will have the opportunity to learn and discover, rest and recover, reboot and refresh in a natural mediterranean environment of peace and tranquility. A truly boutique lux experience.

All levels of ability are welcome; no experience is required. This is an all inclusive five-day retreat holiday, priced from £990 per person. (Excluding flights and treatments).

Bring Your Friend - Special Offer for March. When you book a twin room before 30th March we will give you a 10% discount.

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