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Uncertainty is an uneasy, strange feeling that crops up when we are in unfamiliar territory.

One of the most difficult aspects of the current virus situation is the uncertainty it has caused. We are dealing with - an unknown virus timeline, with the impact it is having on the economy, and with the effect it could have on our own and our loved one’s well-being.

But we also know that all of life has some uncertainty attached to it. We can’t possibly know how everything is going to turn out, even those things we feel sure of or are reliant on can change.

So being aware of the possibility that things can change helps us to cope when things arise that we didn’t expect. This awareness can help us to be more prepared for any eventuality and gives us some inner resilience, perhaps even flexibility when things do happen to go wrong in our upside-down world.

A little coping skill I have put into practice, since going through the pandemic, is to imagine myself a year from today and create a visual image of the most likely situation that I can see myself progressing towards. Looking ahead to spring 2021, I will most likely be teaching my clients in my home studio, my grandson will be back at school, and I will be socialising with friends and family once again.

As a result I will return to what may be a new normal, with some added precautions practiced from today's current situation. Overall it will feel normal.

It might also be worth noting that when you’re feeling out of control with some aspects of your life, you may feel better if you take control of other parts of your life, particularly your habits, routine, life style and the way you manage your time.

  • You could consider introducing some positive changes to your routine - getting up at a regular time each day. Doing a ten-minute meditation or yoga/exercise, then shower and dress, so you start the day feeling uplifted and clear headed.

  • You could make a list or mental note of tasks you need to get done, then set your-self a realistic time frame for each task. Making sure to always complete a task before you start a new one, this way you will feel you have achieved a positive outcome.

  • You could pin-point activities that give you a sense of pleasure – walking, cycling, running, yoga, watching a film, reading and more. At the end of each day monitoring how you feel and I expect you’ll feel so much better.

  • You could consider learning a new skill or research a subject you are interested in, see where it takes you. Maybe even to participate in an online course or Youtube workshop.

Remember to pay attention to your intention. There is a lot to be said for recognising the wisdom of tuning into your intention because deep within us our own inner powerful energy exists waiting to be tapped into. Our intentions are at the root of why we do anything. Our intentions help us to promote a life of happiness or unhappiness.

If you set an intention for well-being or even something more specific like finding your soulmate. Then place it at the center of your life, by affirming and manifesting it every day, you will more likely to be guided towards it.

The positive energy that will have been unlocked from within will dominate your attention and you will notice a synchronicity between intention and events. Try it and see!!...


Yoga In The Park - Friday 3 July,

10 -11.15am

After the success of last weeks first social distancing yoga class in Hurst Meadows (Nr Hampton Court). I shall be leading another Yoga Flow practice for 75 minutes, weather permitting.

Embracing the natural elements around us, connecting with the earth and breathing in wonderful fresh air with like minded yogis is incredibly uplifting and good for the soul. The practice will begin with a short meditation and finish with a blissful relaxation.

I’m so looking forward to sharing this wonderful outdoor space with you, right by the river. You will need to bring your own mat, block if needed and water to refresh. All abilities are welcome.

Places are limited so please email me to reserve your spot. The donation is £12

Hurst Park Meadows is situated in East Molssey. From Hampton Court bridge turn right into Hurst Road and take the third exit off the first roundabout along Hurst Road. Follow the road into the car park. The Yoga Class will be in the space on the left of the car park.

For more wellbeing tips and thoughts from Annie -

Follow on Instagram @moorwellbeingyoga

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