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Algarve Reboot Retreat

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

What if we could recharge ourselves as often as we recharge our phones?

I guess we would feel amazingly rebooted and refreshed every day!

There is a strong mood within our society that some people are looking for dramatic change in their lives. They are so busy working at being ‘busy’ that they are burning themselves out, their lives are full of stress and pressure!

The commitment to multitasking is taking over their lives either through juggling family, kids, friend’s, relationships, work, home, parents, grandchildren and more, they have no time for themselves, to cope with the pressures or to look after their own wellbeing. Stress is the major contributor to poor health and burn-out syndrome.

The atmosphere is shifting towards a need to pursue health and wellness experienced holidays that will change people’s lives. Immersing themselves in a new adventure gives them the opportunity to encounter a complete transformation within themselves as they enjoy a sense of freedom, become more energised, uplifted and happier.

Research shows that it’s the group of thirty plus men and women who are fuelling the current trend in wellness and fitness holidays. This tribe lead busy lives. They work hard and play hard but have little time to focus on their health and wellness. They are often seeking a holiday to rejuvenate, reboot and reconnect with themselves.

Living in a environment of stress and pressure most certainly takes its toll, so the idea of getting away to relax, recharge and reboot can be hugely alluring but it’s not enough to lie on the beach for hours, they are looking for a deeper experience that offers new challenges and changes their focus with lasting effects on their lives.

The prospect of re-training the mind and body to become more aware, balanced, calm and in control is much more exciting, since this will effect their overall health and wellbeing. Committing to a seven day experience of wonderful wellness classes, creative workshops, holistic treatments and healthy vegetarian meals, all given in a warm climate is the type of holiday they are looking for.

So where can you expect to find such a holiday? There is an amazing opportunity to experience all of the above in the southern region of Portugal. Tucked away and nestling in amongst rural rolling hills of the Algarve lies Casa Vida a peaceful retreat, the perfect hideaway, a place of calm where one can completely unwind and immerse ones self in a week of self-discovery, where recharge, rejuvenate and re-energise are the key focus.

The Algarve is one of the few regions in Europe to benefit from over three hundred days of sun a year. It is one of Europe's sunniest places, sunnier even than California. The summer months will see on average 12 hours of sunshine per day and almost no rain.

Travelling abroad for prevention and improving health is why wellness holidays have grown in recent years. A good enough reason for the Moorwellbeing team to design a retreat specifically around health and wellbeing.

This empowering Algarve retreat focuses on re-connecting mind, body and soul. On retraining the senses to tune in to the present moment and allow the exterior hindrances to dissolve into the background. On becoming more aware of releasing and letting go.

The reboot retreat seven-day experience is lovingly executed through a nurturing programme of daily rituals. Starting with sunrise meditation followed by Integral Hatha yoga sessions, three healthy vegetarian meals a day, early evening yoga practice and yoga Nidra relaxation, finishing with mantras and chanting under the stars.

These daily rituals are peppered with meditation walks, holistic treatments, creative expression and art workshops, gem-stone bracelet making, rest and digest relaxation periods around the beautiful pool. All of which take you on a fascinating new journey of fun and fulfilment with like-minded souls.

Added to the daily reboot experience guests are transported on one excursion to a local Algarve beach where they can participate in morning meditation and yoga practice, followed by a healthy picnic, sunbathing and swimming. Also included in the week’s holiday is a chance, to taste the flavours of the Algarve cuisine at a local Portuguese restaurant.

The ethos to nurture and support guests through their individual seven day journey of transformation so that they will go home feeling rebooted and free is extremely empowering and has the capacity to change lives. So coupled with the guarantee of brilliant weather and fabulous natural surroundings, who could resist such an appealing reboot opportunity!

Casa Vida Reboot Retreat experience is scheduled for seven days from 7 - 14 June 2018

A maximum of eight guests are welcome, priced from £1,410 per person. For more information click on the link below.

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