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Peaceful Warrior Series

"As warrior souls our only desire is for peace and harmony"

Welcome to the Peaceful Warrior yoga series
featuring twelve live stream classes.

Did you know that when a soulful warrior connects the breath with movement and intention magical things happen?

In yoga the warrior poses are named after the fierce warrior Virabhadra, who is said to symbolize our inner ability to overcome ego and ignorance. The warriors challenge and test us but in doing so bring us strength, focus, confidence and courage.

Finding our inner power is an essential element that is cultivated in the warrior poses. We discover this physically as we learn to stand our ground, deeply connecting to a solid foundation beneath our feet, to the earth and also from using that strength beneath us to extend up and out of the earth, to stand tall and solid.

There is a true sense of fulfilment as sequences are mastered and consolidated with repetition and practice. The mind finds space to grow and flourish, while resting in awareness of the breath and the body.

Overall, we can find comfort from our ability to listen to our body, follow our intentions and access our own spiritual energy from within, finishing in a welcome moment to pause and rest, while feeling completely safe in our own space.

How would you like to become a peaceful warrior?

"I love the warrior series because of the focus it requires. I love that when I listen to my body, connect with my breath and move with intention I feel composed and uplifted".

Classes are every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 2-26 February 9am.

Over the twelve classes we will explore warrior variations that challenge our self-confidence, develop our inner strength, our focus and belief in ourselves. 

There is a true sense of fulfilment in learning something new!

Some of the modifications will give you the opportunity to observe a gentler side of the poses, allowing you to soften, accept and build contentment into your yoga practice. Each class will begin with meditation, where we will focus on the breath, settling the mind and resting stillness, in preparation for our yoga practice.

During our initial mat warm up we'll gently mobilise, stretch our limbs, then work our way towards the warrior sequences, being mindful that there is no judgement of how we perform as warriors. Each and every one of us accepts our own achievements at our own pace.

#Bonus... You will receive Four Class Video Recordings, one for each week of the series. Even if you have attended all classes they will be sent to your inbox.

You don't have to be an experienced yogi to participate in the program.

Anyone can be a warrior, it's SUITABLE for ALL LEVELS and ALL AGES.

This is a one-off challenge for a special one-off fee!

Each week you will receive an email with links to the classes.

Your Commitment to the series

Twelve live stream classes with four video recordings £25.

Sign up below to become a Peaceful Warrior Today

I am so looking forward to leading you in this fabulous new yoga series

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