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Invest in your wellbeing with Movement and Mindfulness

Empowering you to make vital changes you want to see

If you're struggling with life and you've reached middle age only to discover that things haven't turned out the way you'd hoped. 


Or perhaps your just not feeling yourself. You want your life to be different but you don't know how!

You probably know you can start making changes at any time, but you don't have the confidence to take action - you need direction.

Then let's work together!

When you begin a journey of coaching with me, you'll be fully supported to make positive changes to help develop your personal growth and physical wellbeing.

We integrate three key areas of physical, emotional and spiritual health. Blending yoga, qigong movemt with breathwork exercises and mindfulness meditation to help bring you into a state of balance and alignment.


Most importantly I have created a safe space for you to discuss your feelings and fears with no judgement.


We have plenty of proven tools to support your needs, these are vital resources to encourage healing, strength, resilience, flexibility and spiritual connection.


I can help you move from being lost and low to becoming inspired, liberated and motivated.

Yoga, qigong and meditation have heaps of power to improve your emotional and physical health, realign your equilibrium, and give you the necessary empowerment to realise you are in control of your own destiny.

We dive into the Chinese system of qigong exercises, yin and yang yoga, Buddhist meditation, breathwork, the ways of mindfulness and invaluable principles of journaling to help you let go of negative or old habits that may be holding you back.

Motivation coaching sessions will help you break the patterns, give you a chance to move forward with renewed, creativity and fresh vitality, helping you achieve the life you want to live, beyond midlife..

I help YOU take responsibility for your life as well as your wellness.


Giving you the means to find your true purpose. This will give you the support you need to action your passions and dreams.

Check out my wellness tabs at the top of the page.      



“Having never tried meditation before, I’m now hooked!  Annie’s course is wonderfully supportive and insightful. It has been a real tonic for me. I feel so much calmer, cetntered and more able to cope with the stresses of daily life".


"Annie is a true professional and beautiful yoga teacher, who crafts her lessons with a balance of variety and familiarity. She demonstrates, kindness and skill in her teaching practice".


"Annie's coaching course was so useful, helping me deal with my perimenopause and other difficulties. Annie gave me the guidance and tools I needed to incorporate into my daily life, for this I'm truly grateful".


"Thank you Annie, I love your book. I have read many of the poems at the end of my yoga classes, you write so beautifully".

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