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If you are struggling with real-life pressing problems such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, back pain, joint or muscle pain, menopause symptoms, know you can get strong support for all these experiences.

This is where you begin your energetic awakening, where we mix disciplines of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and qigong with movement and breath to help give you're life true purpose.


These free flowing forms offer you, healing, balance, strength, resilience, flexiblility, connection and contentment in a unique fusion of sequences that will help you grow and flourish through your midlife and beyond.

Yoga, qigong and meditation are rooted in health and wellbeing. Combined in one session they have oodles of power to improve your mental and physical health, realign your equilibrium, and give you the necessary empowerment to realise you are in control of your own destiny.

I help YOU take responsibility for your own wellness by offering you a tool kit of vital goodies to support and guide you through your journey.


We dive into the Chinese system of qigong exercises, yin and yang yoga sequences, meditation, and mindfulness jounaling to empower and transform you so that you can move forward, be in control and live the life you really want.

Here's what you're saying

"I have had some problems with my arms, a certain loss of strength and stiffness. They are now almost back to normal and I am sure the steady, regular yoga has helped enormously. 

Annie's yoga programme gave me structure and

a certain physical and mental balance that really helped"

Kate Hennessy

"Annie has a holistic approach and background which complimented the menopause workshop.

It was useful to learn breathing techniques, restorative poses and  active yoga sequences to strengthen bones.

Any women wanting to care for themselves, gain knowledge and tools should book!" 

Emma Lipscombe

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