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Menopause Yoga

Making Time For You

The menopause journey transitions a women into her 'second spring' - a time for new beginnings


YOU... Can Be the Master of Your Menopause

There is so much to look forward to when we come through the other side of menopause. 


A life without being tied to the endless cycle of menstruation that starts in puberty and ends in menopause is a liberating life.


Second Spring is a time of power of finding our voice. A time of renewal. It gives us a second chance to follow our intuition, reach our goals, dreams and hearts true desires.


However, many women going through their journey can often experience some not-so-pleasant symptoms, think fatigue, tiredness, hot flushes, joint pain and disrupted sleep.


“As a Menopause and Yoga Coach I am passionate about helping women

transition through their menopause with ease and comfort.


My purpose is to give you all the tools you need to help you evolve

during your menopause journey and allow you the space to discover

what works for you, at your own pace, with no judgement.

Simply providing gentle encouragement towards your own

self-acceptance and transformation of a beautiful woman

moving into a life beyond the menopause

and giving you that wonderful empowerment

to be the radiant woman you really are."

Annie has spent twelve months exploring, training and creating programmes

and workshops to support women transitioning through menopause.