Fountain of Youth Yoga Challenge

The video demonstration above of the 'Five Tibetan Rites' is a sequence of five exercises that stimulate life force energy through the body, helping to balance the hormones, build resilience and bring a positive effect to the aging process.


I have created a ‘Fountain of Youth’ program to help you cultivate strength, resilience, vitality and youthful energy through twelve empowering fusion classes of structured yoga and mindful meditation. 


During the month of January each one-hour practice will help shape growth and connection to your life force, where you can ignite your youth energy from within.


Our class will begin with grounding meditations, move into the five Tibetan Rites ritual, followed by movement and breath in vinyasa flow and finish with wind down, blissful relaxation.

'This program is suitable for beginners, over 50's;

 For hormone balancing and pro-aging'.


The principal of doing a regular practice will help build structure to your day, cultivate resilience, nurture your self-care and most importantly tap into your spirit centre, the 'source of youth energy'.

Three times a week will give you all the health benefits you need to keep you looking and feeling younger.


At the end of the challenge you will feel more alive, positive and more able to face life’s encounters in a calm, controled and balanced way.

Our challenge begins on 5 January and runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9am throughout January 2021.

#Bonus of this program...  If you miss a session, you will rceive a class recording, so you don't loose out on the program.


After 5 January entry to the classes will be closed

so no drop-ins available I'm afraid.

This is a one off challenge for a special one off fee.


Each week you will receive an email with links to the classes.

Your Commitment to the Challenge

Twelve classes for £15 or Give a donation.

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