March 25, 2019

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December 15, 2018

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5 Yoga Rituals for Virus Protection

March 6, 2020


Are you getting caught up in the hysteria being created through our media hype?

I do hope not!.... In case you are feeling anxious and fearful you may like to know that there are some Yogic measures you can take to keep a clear head and help prevent the spread and contraction of the Corona virus.


We are currently being subjected to constant media coverage over the corona virus pandemic.

As a result some of us may be feeling anxious, worried and fearful. There are of course higher risks for those who are elderly or already suffering illnesses. But first off we need to remain Calm, Cool and in Control of our actions, so that we can handle the situation in a sensible and diligent manner.


I thought it might be helpful to offer some extra advice in addition to the current World Health recommendations to wash hands in hot soapy water, keep fingers out of our mouths, nose and eyes.


Within the yoga traditions we can draw from rituals that for centuries have proved helpfull in maintaining health and wellness in body and mind. These rituals are worth considering to help prevent the current virus invasion.


Indications of the virus being spread through body fluids are now a well-established fact. Sadly since the virus is not an airborne germ the facemask becomes pretty redundant. They will only protect the nose and mouth against other people coughing their spittle over you and prevent infections being transmitted from hand to mouth.


The areas of our body that are most at risk are all the openings around our face - mouth, nose, eyes and ears. These are the passages we need to protect, to keep them healthy and moist.


Follow these five Yoga Rituals to stay protected.


Yogic Eye Cleansing 

Each morning pour some bottled water into a clean sink. Fill your cupped hands with cool water. Lower your face, and then splash quickly around seven times over the eyes. Release the rest of the water, take a breath and then do it two more times. 

It rinses out dirt, irritants and other foreign pollutants from the eyes, leaving the eyes clean and eyesight sharp.

Follow the eye-wash by gently tapping on the eyelids with the index finger. Blink your eyes 7 times and rotate your eyes in all directions. (roll the eyes around clockwise, then counter-clockwise, then quickly up-down, left-right, and diagonally).


Yogic Nostril Cleansing

After washing your eyes, pour more fresh water into the sink and put a little water in one hand. Gently sniff in up your nose, to moisten the airways. Do it a few times. If you sniff too hard it may sting so be careful. Alternatively you can use a saline nasal spray a few squirts into each nostril.


After drying off, you can use a little nasya oil or coconut or pure toasted sesame oil, to lubricate the inside of the nose, just a few drops on your finger. The oils are all antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial and act as a protective barrier against viruses and bacteria.


Mouth and Throat Gargle

Gargling is an ancient tradition that helps to keep the mouth and throat healthy. Not so popular now in the west but still widely active as a daily habit in Tokyo, due to their movement around a densely populated city.

After being out and about in public areas, on transport, in shops etc it makes sense to gargle when you get h