Mindful Meditation at Casa Vida 


Mindful meditation practice is suitable for anyone who wishes to overcome stress, anxiety or simply wants to relax and switch of the constant chatter of the mind.

Just twenty minutes a day has been shown to reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. With regular practice you can learn how to calm your thoughts, focus your mind and live in the present moment.

Our weekly one hour sessions will give you the opportunity to train your mind to become calm and contented as you dwell comfortably in the present, using your breath to bring you to stillness.

You will be guided through various meditations to relax and energise your mind, bringing you closer to your inner self where you can find protection from the challenges of the real world.

Through regular practice you can learn to retrain your mind at a subconscious level, helping to rid it of all the conditioning and delusions that are deeply rooted in the conscious mind. With progression you will notice changes in yourself, you'll feel calmer, more centred and better able to cope with the stresses of everyday life.


Join us in an environment of peace and tranquility, overlooking the beautiful hills where you can feel safe and nurtured in meditation, mindfulness and relaxation.


Casa Vida






From the Goldra Roundabout at Continente supermarket, take the exit signposted to Goldra.

Continue up the hill to the sign for Betunes, turning left up a steep hill opposite the mini supermarket.

Continue along the road for 2 /3K to a cross road at the dustbins. Continue straight on up the hill passing a cafe on the left. Follow the road as it bares left and on to a junction at the top of the hill. Turn right at the junction opposite a house and into a narrow unmade road. Follow the road down and up, baring round to the left till you see the first house on the right, Casa Vida. There is an area on the right before the house for car parking.