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Meno Warriors Yoga Workshop

 thrive to survive your menopause
Saturday 19 March | 09:30-12:30 | £35

"Annie's holistic approach to health and wellbeing with tailored yoga and breathing exercises was wonderful. She offered so much in the way of practical advice to be healthier and calmer. I have come away feeling stronger and grateful.”- Vicky Groombridge


This online workshop is for you if you...


• Want to take control of your midlife changes

• Keen to understand how to manage your experiences

• Feeling overwhelmed by your fluctuating symptoms.

• Yearn to feel like you again and enjoy life to the full.


In the workshop you'll have 3 hours to immerse yourself into the ins and outs of how you can manage your menopause experiences, think - hot flushes, brain fog, fatigue, sleep problems, anxiety and anger, muscle and joint pain, weight gain, mood swings, low self-esteem, overwhelm, lack of confidence and more.


☯️  We'll dive into a toolkit of resources that can help you master your symptoms


☯️  Explore yoga, movement, meditation and breath work to restore your equilibrium


☯️  Look at nutrition and alternative therapies to help regulate your hormones


☯️  Share your experiences to understand more about your physical and emotional wellbeing

“Having a positive mental attitude can substantially ease your menopause journey


Menopause gives us, as menowarriors, a chance to ‘pause’, check out how we’re living and make sure that we’re set up for the second half of life – our Second Spring.

☯️  Your Takeaway Toolkit

During this three hour online session you’ll get a toolkit of resources to use at home for instant benefit. These will include -


• Yoga postures and sequences

• Meditation and mindfulness practice

• Qigong and Breath work exercises

• Nutrition advice

• Journaling guidance

#Bonus - FREE GIFT OF SIX PRE RECORDED VIDEO RESOURCES. - yoga poses, meditation, breathwork and qigong exercises.


☯️  Women’s Circle

Enjoy a safe space of sharing with like-minded women, for the benefit of learning and empowerment during this natural transition into your second spring.


My goal is for you to leave this workshop feeling empowered, celebrate and embrace your changes with understanding and knowledge so that you can get on with your life, while living it to the full.


‘Not just survive, but THRIVE through menopause to live a life of purpose and passion!’


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Here's what you are saying

“Since completing Annie’s workshop I have been doing the calming restorative yoga sequence daily and using the breathing exercises at night. I’ve noticed my headaches and night sweats have reduced. My emotional symptoms such as low mood and irritability have also decreased. It’s made me realize how important it is to do regular yoga and breathwork to help ease my symptoms. The information she presented, was an iteresting insight into why we feel this way. The workshop gave me a tool kit to use time and time again. If you are in perimenopause or entering menopause this is the workshop to do.” - Sarah Hewitt

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