Menopause Workshop

Sunday | 17 October
10:00 - 12:30 |

There is so much to look forward to when we come through the other side of menopause. 


A life without being tied to the endless cycle of menstruation that starts in puberty and ends in menopause is a liberating life.

Join my Menopause Workshop, where I'll be showing you ways to ease your symptoms so you can sleep better, have more energy and achieve more in your life.

Many women going through their journey can often experience some not-so-pleasant symptoms, think, fatigue, tiredness, hot flashes, joint pain, disrupted sleep and much more.


As a Menopause and Yoga Coach I am passionate about helping women transition through their menopause with ease and comfort.

What to Expect


  • Online workshop on Sunday 17 October

  • Group experience with like-minded women

  • Arm yourself with tools and techniques

  • Group coaching class

  • Live talks with expert menopause guest speakers and Q&A

What you will learn


  • To manage physical, hormonal, and emotional symptoms

  • Specific yoga exercises to restore strength, resilience, and equilibrium

  • Breathing techniques to cool, soothe and calm

  • Meditations and visualisations to quiet the mind

  • How to empower and reconnect with yourself 

" I found the course really helpful, informative, full of knowledge, well presented and really interesting. Annie's yoga and resources, talking to others was great."