The menopause journey transitions a women into her
'second spring' - a time for new beginnings

‘You Can Be the Master of Your Menopause’


“My passion is to help you grow and embrace positive opportunities, to inspire and motivate you through a natural process of change that not only improves your self-growth but also opens your heart to self-love and compassion, giving you that wonderful empowerment to be the radiant woman you really are.


Diving deeper my aim is to give you all the tools you need to help you evolve through your menopause journey and allow you the space to discover what works for you, at your own pace, with no judgement. Simply providing gentle encouragement towards your own self-acceptance and transformation of a beautiful woman transitioning into a life beyond the menopause."

Annie has spent many hours exploring, training and creating a programme to support women in their menopause journey. Have a look below to see her next menopause yoga workshop?