Meditate With Me

meditation for beginners

Six Week Course 

3rd March – 7th April 
Wednesday | 09:00 – 09:45 am | £64


My Meditation Journey


I began seriously meditating seven years ago just after my son died in 2014. Prior to that I dipped in and out, with a casual commitment, not really understanding the true purpose of meditation. I found it difficult to switch off from my busy mind and took the view that I was no good at it.

Then everything changed.... Meditation became my go to when I lost Tom. I was able to transport myself into another place and depending on how I felt at the time I learnt to just be present with myself. If I felt like crying then I'd let it go, without feeling embarrased or trying to hold it back, or feeling in any way weak within myself. The more I released my thoughts, emotions, supressions of anger, guilt, memories, hurt and all the pent up grief, the stronger I began to feel.

Meditation gave me a purpose, it gave me my life back. It didn't take away the sorrow but it helped me to realise that it was ok to grieve, no one was judging me for how I felt and I could rest in stillness and peace with my own thoughts, whether they were happy or sad, fearful or dark.

Meditation helped to bring me out of a deep dark hole and showed me the way forward to move in a more positive direction , so that I could begin building a different life around my grief.


I became more accepting of my situation without beating myself up about how I felt. I learnt to dwell in the present moment and gradually find that space of nothingness, of peace within.

Your Meditation Journey


There is no right or wrong with meditation, ther's no judgement, nor any attachment. You can just simply be you in the present with your breath.

You can meditate for five minutes or fifty minutes it's entirely up to you. The results will be the same.


Having said this there are a few simple things that CAN make meditation work for you.

The first being ‘Commitment’ and the second to be ‘In The Moment’.

However, there are a few simple things that make meditation work for you.

COMMIT is absolutely down to you. Only you can decide, that you want to meditate.

That you will commit to turning up everyday. To sit and rest in the here and now.


SWITCH OFF is very hard for anyone, It challenges our thoughts and emotions that are with us every minute of the day. To empty our mind you may think is an impossible task but with training  and consistent practice we can re-program our mind to switch off in the moment.


When you give the mind a rest, magical things happen.


We can do this together. You turn up... I guide you through the process giving you all the tools and support you will need to practice on your own for the rest of your life. A new meditation habit is formed to slot seamlessly into your life, just like brushing your teeth. 


If you would like to join my next course check out the dates below.

Through a guided practice we will investigate different meditation methods to show you how to relax and switch off, how to connect with the breath in order to rest in stillness and find peace within.

Our sessions include yoga pranayama breath work, seated gentle exercises, guided visualisations,  mantras, mudra hand gestures and relaxation techniques. They will be held from my zoom studio for forty five minutes, guiding you on your own journey where you can feel safe, private and supported in your own home space.

Next Course - 'Meditate With Me' from 3 March to 7 April


Six weekly sessions every Wednesday at 9am 

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful meditation course, I wanted to challenge myself to sit still for half an hour, to turn inward and to focus my attention, which I’m pleased to say I was able to do from the very first class. I felt a deep sense of calmness after each class. Thank you for welcoming me into your zoom studio with kindness and love.”  Anna

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