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Master Your Menopause

Embrace the life changes that come with the menopause to live your best life

Five Week Programme

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 “I just want to be as I was before and able to enjoy being me more.”

"what frustrates me most about the menopause is not being able to juggle

so many things all at once."

"Now I need a lot more concentration to complete a task".




Many women going through menopause can often feel lost, reluctant and embarrassed to speak about the subject. The impact on so many aspects of their life is often overwhelming, influencing their self-esteem, confidence and mental wellbeing.

Stress actually aggravates all menopause symptoms!

What if I was to tell you that we should look at the menopause as a learning curve, a chance to get to know ourselves.


Having a positive mental attitude can substantially ease the journey through menopause.


I have spent twelve months exploring, training and creating a programme to support women in their menopause journey.


Have a look below to see if this resonates with you?

This is for you if:


  • You are in perimenopause, in menopause or in post menopause

  • You want to understand the significance of menopause symptoms

  • You wish to take control of your menopause journey

  • You feel a need to have YOUR life back

  • You would love to feel free, beautiful and liberated.

What to expect:


  • Five-week programme starting Friday 2 July

  • Group experience to master your menopause 

  • Arm yourself with tools and techniques

  • Ninety-minute live online group coaching classes

  • Live talks with expert guest speakers and Q&A

  • Women's weekly support circle

What you will learn:


  • To manage physical, hormonal and emotional symptoms

  • To explore foods that can improve wellbeing

  • How to empower and reconnect with yourself 

  • Specific yoga exercises to restore strength, resilience and equilibrium

  • Breathing techniques to cool, soothe and calm

  • Meditations and visualisations to quiet the mind

“The programme has brought structure to my week. The classes improve my mental health, give me the tools to quieten my mind and they really do energise me throughout the month.”

Your Investment


  • Five ninety minute online group coaching sessions - worth £150

  • Two live talks with expert speakers and Q&A’s - worth £150

  • Access to resource library of pre-recorded videos - worth £50

  • Total value £350, your investment £150

About your host

As a qualified Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner, Annie has had thirty years’ experience in the wellbeing industry.

Seven years ago, Annie qualified as a Hatha yoga teacher and went on to further her skills in Yin yoga and Menopause yoga coaching with Yoga Alliance UK and British School of Yoga (BSY), she is also a trained Meditation BSY teacher and Centre of Excellence qualified Mindfulness coach.


‘I am blessed to have found you Annie, you have helped me immensely and I look forward to your classes each week, you are such a wonderful teacher. I am learning so much, you are a shining light during lockdown.”