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Chair Yoga On Demand Video Series


The wonderful advantage of on demand classes is that they work for you,

anytime, anywhere.


Annie's Chair Yoga On Demand video series, includes a set of three pre-recorded classes, covering seated exercises to gently stretch and mobilise the body


Regular chair yoga practice will help improve your cardio-vascular fitness and circulation, increase muscle strength, flexibility and balance.


Following the flow of breath and movement in the sequences and postures, will be noticeably soothing for the mind and nervous system, helping to relieve any lingering stresses that can build from daily life.

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12 Minute whole Body Stretch


Easy stretches to relieve stiff joints, ease back pain and improve your range of motion.


These seated exercises will help build strength and flexibility, paying special attention to range of motion around your back, arms, legs, hips and knees.

Chair Yoga 15.jpg

15 Minute Stretch out Stiff Limbs

Follow with me to gently stretch out stiffness and ease tension in focused areas of the body, while supported by the chair.


We will focus on lengthening the muscles through the arms and spine, stretching hamstrings and knees, letting go of stiffness in the hips and releasing tension in the neck.

Chair Yoga 20.jpg

20 Minute Easy Morning Flow

If you have become unfit and sedentary due to your current lifestyle, work or age, then chair yoga is a useful exercise to help improve your mobility, strength and balance.

At the end of a chair yoga workout you can feel greater relief from aches and pains, especially in your lower back, knees, and hips. This workout will give an extra boost to your mood, leaving you feeling uplifted and energised to start the day.

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